Hello, I hope your doing well, here's a holiday gift from me....get the FREEdumb album for free at WhoWhyWhat.com

    Saturday, December 14, 2013, 11:03 AM [General]

    From the story album Freedumb, by me NUDITY... soundcloud.com/munication
    this is a diss song, about tyler the creator

    Get the album for free at whowhywhat.com

    And if the devil still want me what you gonna start making as a weapon that im fearing, war?
    Figurines or figure making, honestly
    Like what you gone see that I aint seen
    Looking thirteen in brief contact with designer jeans
    I guess its just another wanna be gonna be I have to miss yah
    Cause the cure remedy is incomplete
    So I guess we must compete it has to be
    Just another b, wanna be not seen, so obscene
    Not me not my team, not nudity its so your dreams, mistah
    Did you think you were gonna make it into history, did they give you good grades did you succeed
    I don’t think so I think your cage still has feeders
    I don’t think its gone last, I think its like mysteries
    I think its like ants going into dark traps
    Well if you thought this was confusing this my redefinition
    This is like a leak in a giants tub as he falls asleep
    Yo im fresh like opposite of sikh
    You dessert sand hot when temps can drop because of the night
    Im dry ice
    This is my spare it could ignite
    You on your main whip in my neighborhood think I cant still your height
    Do you hear my splinters, that’s plural
    And you looking like turtle, last place
    Naw this here aint your first album, this here’s a great
    Belts the counters needles can’t take with my weight
    My Figurines, in happy meals with beans
    Action figures and lots a thanks
    Don’t be afraid to congratulate
    My super power is I can make you great…..

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    Have you heard of Rusko yet, he inspires my music

    Monday, August 19, 2013, 9:19 AM [General]

    This is the kind of music that makes me wake up everyday, check out my music when you get the time, soundcloud.com/munication the album is free, just visit www.whowhywhat.com to get it....Rusko is one of the reasons why I'm doing music right now....

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