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  • Sergio

    Gender: Male
    Location: Los Angeles
    Relationship: Casually Dating
    Orientation: Straight
    Children: Maybe Someday
    Body Type: Athletic
    Height: 6'7"
    Religion: Christian - other
    Ethnicity: Other
    Yahoo: Launcommon
    MSN: jonpierson
    About Me: Im the one...that started Your Koz...Message me to get to know me, but i stay busy so please expect a delay in response....
    Phone[Text/Call]: 310 497 3381
    Music: Jay-Z[Minus the conspiracies and gossip], Daft Punk, Marley, zero 7, Mos Def, Beatles, and Pretty much anything Good other then country.
    Movies: You Name it I've Seen it
    TV: Don't Watch much, Unless its sports....Office, Scrubs, Legend of the Seeker, and ummm The Simpsons.....if i must list some shows i like
    Books: You should probably go to the library to find out about good books, i got some complex mag's you can borrow
    Likes: I likes alot...
    Dislikes: War, pop-up and email ADS$$$, Hatred, and Evil haha not a long list at all

    Hobbies: Alot and Playing basketball
    Vices: Jokes [use this section for open confession of sins also, please note that this does not remove the need for respect in the process of removing sins through true confession as the Pope has already noted for Catholics, in how he has addressed Confession's used through technology especially simple technology like an Iphone...]
    Virtues: You have to contact me, It is a long personal list....
    Heroes: Jesus Christ[especially because of what he has done while fasting 40 days in the wilderness], Joseph in egypt, and Moses

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